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Come on over check out my new artwork and brand new sketchbook at

booth F07
Exhibitor Hall

take entrance B and walk to end of aisle 700.

while you're there be sure to check out:

Bob Risetto & Dave Pryor - exhibitor table booth F05
Javier Guzman & Tom Brisky - exhibitor table booth F04
Tae Young Choi - exhibitor table booth D05
Josh & Justin Parpan - exhibitor table booth F08
John Nevarez - exhibitor table booth H09

look forward to seeing you all there! :)
this is pretty much what I'm going to have. May do something else with jar on top.

aaaaaaaaand... scratched the last idea and came up with this:

got rid of the girl and painted over a new mock up. closer to what I want :)

(unappealing) outlined drawing keeping in mind silhouette and line movement

revised photo mock up

and then... I changed my mind :)

full composition of what I have o far

detail of drawing with thicker outline and trying out darker value on cloth

rough drawing of 2nd character

detail of drawing with thicker outline

rough drawing of first character

photo comp enhanced and tinted

photo comp and value study

loose color study

loose digital sketch


from here on it's the comic strip, all the old posts... I've been working hard getting the new blog going so bear with me.